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  1. 8 Sex Workers Share The Story Of How They Fell In Love With A Client | Thought Catalog
  2. 8 Sex Workers Share The Story Of How They Fell In Love With A Client
  3. Can an escort girl fall or her client?
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I made friends with her friends, made friends with her family. I adored them all, but always kept a secret of her career as such. At the start, it was tough knowing what she was doing. But it taught me so much about life and love and tolerance. We lived for each other even though we were an 8 hr flight away. We always knew when to call the other or say hi on WhatsApp, it was like we knew the other was in trouble or wanted a hug or something.

This actually became scary but our connection was immense. I have had girlfriends before but as a person, she was the most amazing person I have ever met on the planet.

In the end, we discussed marriage, kids but for me, I believe she wanted to quit as she wanted to continue being an escort as the money she earnt was amazing. She fed her family in a country that has no money. I paid for a lot of things but actually ran out of money at one stage! She was an expensive girl and for the first time in my life, I was in huge debt. She gave excuses but I could see through them, but we both cried and cried to each other when we knew we would have to spend a long time apart. I have been single ever since. I utterly love her. I celebrate her on the most healthy level possible.

I am very mentally and psychologically aware and this is plain total love. She is the one. I totally understand her and she did not want me to change my life for her. I would have given up everything for her, I seriously would.

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I am so level headed but she was my rock, my best friend, my best lover, everything. I used to go to weddings and not understand what was happening with the first kiss. Upon meeting her, I got it. If I could say one prayer and it is answered it would be for her to accept my deep love and let herself go from her career. I met many girls who were her friends. She has some amazing co-worker friends, just like I have friends who have friends in their workplace. All my friends said I was so happy. As did hers to her. I am not even that religious but I pray every night that one day she decides that she wants to be with me forever.

On one hand, I am truly heartbroken. I lost 12KG in weight! But on the other, I oh so celebrate meeting the most amazing person on the planet. I have since met some very beautiful women who fall at my feet but I am simply not interested, still! She lit a candle in my heart. Of course, I am healthy and strong again, I am very emotionally grounded, but I love her.

I feel that is the only lie she ever told me. I would love to know from another working girl why she chooses her career over me in the most unselfish question ever! I can be a very evil person sometimes, but I can not hate her, I totally adore her. We still chat now and then and although she says she hates other men even touching her she does it for the money. My financial worries are totally over and I let her know without it being in her face but as I said Id love to know the psychology, the feelings, the falling in love perspective from a hooker.

People who know me know what I do and saw me become the happiest person in the world.

8 Sex Workers Share The Story Of How They Fell In Love With A Client | Thought Catalog

Having a girl in a foreign country is tough enough, long distance relationships are hard. Ours was rock solid. Having a girl who is an escort is so different to how one world imagine it. I am anything but a moron as the previous person wrote.

Dating A Prostitute

She could have worked in a bank, be a teacher, a shop worker anything. She is still a person. If I left this earth tomorrow I would leave knowing that I met the most beautiful girl in the world who still is my world.

You obviously think very highly of yourself. I think Mike is more on track. Yes, taking a pay cut to keep other mens dicks out of you is loyalty. You are obviously not a very bright person. Thank you for sharing your view, which exemplifies your sociopathic mentality and complete lack of empathy. Attitudes like yours KEEP women in sex work and prevent them from trusting in any goodness in humanity.

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8 Sex Workers Share The Story Of How They Fell In Love With A Client

You have no willingness to try to see things from her perspective. I really appreciated your posts…very interesting.. I mean I told her that so maybe she believed me. I mean she told me about her kid when I asked though she lied 15 min before and she asked me if I was angry.

Can an escort girl fall or her client?

I said no what right do I have to judge her. I dunno how do I put it this way I asked her why she was doing this and she said she has a huge debt. I actually want to help her but the ones with the money to do it are my parents not me. Is it conceited of me to think so that I should help her? I began seeing escorts six months ago and was having a good time…until I met an unusual, beautiful, funny, smart, older escort with whom I became infatuated. I wish now that I would have never started seeing escorts, I feel miserable.


I had this boyfriend before but when he found out about it he completely dumped me so sad but i just have to accept the truth otherwise i will end up being a fool believing that he really loves me. No matter what happens between us. If you need a lover I will always be here. I fell in love with an escort last year.

It caused me much pain. I thought blogging might help, but I am not sure.

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Hi great blog site. One question i have was the reason you chose this profession. I think falling in love is a treacherous path but one that is necessary in order to live a complete life. Whoever one falls in love with regardless of creed or occupation deserves honesty and trust. I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote. I know letting her talk it out is the best thing I can do. She plans on getting out, hopefully for good and is preparing to do so as I write this. I hope she can do it.